Friday, April 13, 2007

Qualified for the WSOP again!!

Hi all,

Sorry for posting this in the main thread but i want to shout it from the hilltops!! I got my seat with Ladbrokes into the WSOP 2007 tonight and i'm well chuffed

It was a 16 runner event with $1,400 in and therefore just the 1 seat with cash for 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I was short stacked almost the entire way through but i managed to hang on and claw into the last 4 with a reasonable (but still the shortest) stack! There was a very agressive Irish guy from sligo who had well over half the chips with 6 to go but he threw them all away and i knocked him out to get heads up...

I had roughly 28,000 to his 15,000 and he was playing quite aggressively, he made a raise with the button to 2,400 (blinds 400/800) and i look down at A5 of diamonds, i decide to push (comments??) trying to take it down there and then, knowing that my image was very solid.

He insta calls with QQ! and the board was as follow

8 5 2 on flop

10 on turn

A on river (you beauty!)

so i sucked on on him, but i still would have had 14k left to play heads up with him...

anyway well chuffed to be going back, love it more every time i'm there, this will be my third year in a row in the wsop (6th time to vegas) and i'm looking forward to hanging out with all you lads again

Tom and Mike, you better be ready lads!!!!

Can't wait



here is the hand as ladbrokes tells it....

Opening Betting Round
No Community Cards
Players Cards Actions
fergie123 (D) SB 400.00 Raised 2,400.00 Went All-In 15,974.56 - -
fuzzbuzz BB 800.00 Went All-In 28,425.44 Player Betting Money Returned 10,450.88 - -
Total Pot 37,549.12

Flop Betting Round

Players Cards Actions
fergie123 (D) - - - - -
fuzzbuzz - - - - -
Total Pot 37,549.12

Turn Betting Round

Players Cards Actions
fergie123 (D) - - - - -
fuzzbuzz - - - - -
Total Pot 37,549.12

River Betting Round

Players Cards Actions
fergie123 (D) - - - - -
fuzzbuzz - - - - -
Total Pot 37,549.12


Players Cards Hand Winnings

fergie123 One Pair -
fuzzbuzz Two Pair 37,549.12

Total Winnings 37,549.12
Rake 0.00
Total Pot 37,549.12

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Playing in the $37k Blogger world online champs!

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 4647777

Thursday, March 23, 2006

WPT/WSOP qualifier last night

won a cheapy qualifier to last night's Full Tilt Pick your own package satellite, start @ 2 am which is slightly to my hindrance, but i can usually still play ok when tired, 135 runners @ $200 which resulted in the first 2 getting the $12K packages + 3rd-5th got between $1600 and $600

thought i played well the whole way, tight and agressive and had built my stack up to the average with 25 left, went a bit card dead, but got my double up with 2 tables left and ended up getting to the final table with almost exactly average stack of 20k, there are 3 stacks shorter than me (around 10k) and two bully stacks @ 60k, blinds are 600-1200 with 125 ante

about 5th hand into the final table circa 5.30 am (have been playing this hand over and over in my head since). obv know that i played it badly but need advice on how to play these marginal hands

am on BB with 66 , bloke in mid position whose range is varied, have seem him raising small with very marginal hands, makes it 3600. all others fold, i'm pretty sure he's not on overpair, as he has been making bigger raises with premium hands, so i decide to Stop and Go and i flat call

flop QQ7, i push immediately for my 15k, (whether i was getting v tired i dunno, it was 5.30AM) is this Awful awful play? looking back on the hand i can't believe i made this play, didn't even think it through

i was talking to HJ at the time and i agree with his either push or fold pre-flop thoughts and my personal leaning was towards the fold, for some reason (must be tiredness/not taking enough time over the decision) i called

my real question is once i have made the call (whether that be a mistake or not), what is the correct play with that flop? if i check it, he will bet whether he is ahead of me or not and i will be almost certainly forced to lay it down no matter what the bet size

i would have been left with 15k behind if i check/fold the flop which although slightly short is playable

ps needless to say, he called my push immediately, with KQ! (isn't it nice to be in his position!) K on the turn kills my 6% chance! lol

advice appreciated and needed (as all MTT are ending with me finishing between 8th and 27th at the mo! lol)

other poker news is that things are going well at the moment, after having a very strange couple of weeks trying to settle into things post USA, i am getting back into the swing of things

a very big thing for me in Poker is game selection, find it very hard to know what to play, all i know is to steer clear of NL texas hold'em cash games, v unprofitable for me, that led me to the conclusion that i should steer clear of all cash games, especially after experiencing some horrible swings, both good and bad (but just too large % of bankroll) in Omaha cash games!

However all I am playing at the mo (asides from the obligatory MTT and satellite's!) is Omaha H/L cash games, really love the game, there is a lot more certanties in it and even less people who understand the game really properly.

am finding it easy enough at a certain level to grind out a profit which is giving me the cash to play MTT's and Satellite's which should theoretically lead to a good payout at some point! lol

really am enjoying it anyway and also racking up good amounts of Rakeback and Full Tilt Poker points which has got me enough points to get into a 500 runner 20 seat WSOP freeroll in roughly a month or so

check out the promotion, it's very good and if you'd like 27% rakeback on their site and be in with a chance to get some of these seats just leave me a message on here

will post again soon

yours in poker

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another bad beat

Sorry to post another bad beat, i will try not to do this again but i haven't seen this particular bad beat for a long time playing online

see as below, in fairness i only had $995 in a tourney where u start with $1500 in starting chips, so i'm not really giving out about his poor play here, although it was very poor (commiting himself to his whole stack with K10 and no pair!! lol), i'm more just amused by the hand in general and it shows what a cruel and strange game this can be at the best of times

** Game ID 430245657 starting - 2006-02-16 21:44:55

** $5,500 Guaranteed:Table 37 [Multi Table Hold 'em] (50.00|100.00 No Limit - MTT) Real Money

- fuzzbuzz sitting in seat 1 with $995.00

- Gidlof sitting in seat 3 with $1320.00

- checkneck sitting in seat 4 with $3852.50

- Candyboy sitting in seat 5 with $2460.00

- peyjacko sitting in seat 6 with $165.00

- cracken64 sitting in seat 7 with $3465.00

- 99999 sitting in seat 8 with $2820.00

- ajw1967 sitting in seat 9 with $3830.00 [Dealer]

- paulycl sitting in seat 10 with $1247.50

paulycl posted the small blind - $25.00

fuzzbuzz posted the big blind - $50.00

** Dealing card to fuzzbuzz: Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs

Gidlof folded

checkneck folded

Candyboy called - $50.00

peyjacko folded

cracken64 folded

99999 folded

ajw1967 folded

paulycl raised - $275.00

fuzzbuzz called - $275.00

Candyboy folded

** Dealing the flop: Queen of Hearts, 5 of Diamonds, 3 of Diamonds

paulycl bet - $400.00

fuzzbuzz went all-in - $770.00

paulycl called - $770.00

paulycl shows: 10 of Clubs, King of Clubs!!!!!

** Dealing the turn: 9 of Clubs

** Dealing the river: Jack of Spades

paulycl wins $2140.00 from the main pot with a straight

End of game 430245657

oh my god! lol

laters len

One of the sickest first hands i've ever seen

First hand of a STT on PPP tonight (this would be a pretty good example of why i am not trying to play on PPP anymore, the entire site is a joke in my opinion)

Anyway, very first hand of this STT and as u can read below a guy calls an all in for all his chips with A2 offsuit, yes the monster that is A2, ironically although i thought i may have been behind the third all in player, i just couldn't bring myself to lay down the cowboys and he ended up having them as well! Anyway read away, first card on the flop as well!

[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Hand Start.
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Seat 1 : ricker5697 has $2,000
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Seat 2 : oddsbreaker has $2,000
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Seat 3 : ME has $2,000
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Seat 4 : risk1 has $2,000
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Seat 5 : sw2581 has $2,000
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Seat 6 : madmethod has $2,000
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Seat 7 : Jack McCall has $2,000
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Seat 8 : Emie has $2,000
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Seat 9 : johnnylaw39 has $2,000
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : johnnylaw39 is the dealer.
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : ricker5697 posted small blind.
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : oddsbreaker posted big blind.
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Game [1] started with 9 players.
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Dealing Hole Cards.
[Feb 16 00:25:00] : Seat 3 : ME has Kh Kd
[Feb 16 00:25:02] : ME called 40
[Feb 16 00:25:04] : risk1 called 40
[Feb 16 00:25:07] : sw2581 called 40
[Feb 16 00:25:08] : madmethod called 40
[Feb 16 00:25:11] : Jack McCall folded.
[Feb 16 00:25:11] : Emie called 40
[Feb 16 00:25:13] : Stakes: 20/40 Current level: 1 Next level in: 8 min.
[Feb 16 00:25:21] : johnnylaw39 called 40 and raised 40
[Feb 16 00:25:22] : ricker5697 folded.
[Feb 16 00:25:31] : oddsbreaker called 40
[Feb 16 00:25:33] : Stakes: 20/40 Current level: 1 Next level in: 8 min.
[Feb 16 00:25:37] : ME called 40 and raised 320
[Feb 16 00:25:45] : risk1 folded.
[Feb 16 00:25:46] : sw2581 folded.
[Feb 16 00:25:48] : madmethod called 360 and raised 320
[Feb 16 00:25:51] : Emie folded.
[Feb 16 00:25:53] : Stakes: 20/40 Current level: 1 Next level in: 7 min.
[Feb 16 00:25:53] : johnnylaw39 called 640 and raised 1,280 and is All-in
[Feb 16 00:25:53] : oddsbreaker folded.
[Feb 16 00:25:55] : ME called 1,600 and is All-in
[Feb 16 00:25:58] : madmethod called 1,280 and is All-in
[Feb 16 00:25:59] : Showdown!
[Feb 16 00:25:59] : Seat 3 : ME has Kh Kd
[Feb 16 00:26:01] : Seat 3 : ME has Kh Kd
[Feb 16 00:26:01] : Seat 6 : madmethod has 2s Ah
[Feb 16 00:26:01] : Seat 9 : johnnylaw39 has Kc Ks
[Feb 16 00:26:10] : Board cards [Ad 7h 5c 3h Th]
[Feb 16 00:26:10] : Seat 9 : johnnylaw39 has Kc Ks
[Feb 16 00:26:10] : johnnylaw39 has Pair: Kings
[Feb 16 00:26:10] : Seat 3 : ME has Kh Kd
[Feb 16 00:26:10] : ME has Pair: Kings
[Feb 16 00:26:10] : Seat 6 : madmethod has 2s Ah
[Feb 16 00:26:10] : madmethod has Pair: Aces
[Feb 16 00:26:10] : madmethod wins 6,220 with Pair: Aces
[Feb 16 00:26:13] : Stakes: 20/40 Current level: 1 Next level in: 7 min.
[Feb 16 00:26:20] : Hand is over.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Poker Stars $1.12 Million Tourney Tonight

Just finished the above event now in roughly 1700th position

Had a very good start tonight, had a fish push me all in with A4 on an ace high flop and i had the AQ, from his pre-flop play i knew i was ahead and my AQ held up nicely to double me up very early, from there i built on that on got into the top 50 or so (out of 5,500) with over 10,000 chips when i made the 2nd nut flush and i had a fella bet the second two pair into me twice.

From there i had a pretty uneventful hour, literally hovering around the 9-10k mark for probably over an hour, then comes the fateful table move (one of my most hated things in a MTT) putting me at a table with guys who have very large stacks and unlike the last table knowing nothing about them, from there the cards just kept seeming to go against me, when in SB twice i pick up average hands (A3 and K10), made a small raise and the BB goes all in both times with AK

so im down to 5,500 from my 10,000 and i got the fuking hand which knocked me out from the monte carlo tourney yesterday and this tourney last week, yes you guessed it, AK again. make the standard 4 times BB raise from late position to 2000 (from the BB and of course the chip leader goes all in, I have to call and he's got pocket tens

a ten on the flop sealed my fate and left me quite bitter at the end of it all, i dunno what mistakes i made and felt i deserved to go a lot further in the tourney, i suppouse it really is the life of these 4,000++ entry tourneys, still feel rather harshly treated by it though esp tonight after last night's antics in the EPT qualifier, they're not exactly bubble finishes but they are hurting just as much, but this really is the nature of the beast in these really big MTT's

sorry am rambling, but i feel despite my every intention (bankroll allowing) to play in this every week, that it is going to be a very very frustrating event, let's hope i can crack through into that top 10% of the field soon and go very deep in the tourney!!

so 1700th out of 5500, remarkably similiar to my placing in last year's WSOP main event (14ooth out of 5500). Although i'm sure the WSOP prob hurt more, this one is more fresh in the memory, and esp right now it's hurting a fair bit too!

Let's hope for better things in the new poker week!

gl len

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Monte Carlo Satellite Failure

As you can tell from the title, i won't be going to Monte Carlo, well at least not yet anyway. Out of a total of 200 runners, which made for the top 7 taking the seat to Monte Carlo and 8th-24th getting $650. I unfortunately only managed to finish a respectable but useless 44th, which has the precise payout of $0!

Played pretty solidly especially throughout the first two hours, where i turned my 2500 chips into 5000 after the first hour and then to an additional high of 7500 after 2 hours. This was all without really even showing a hand down and i feel i selectively bossed my table untill mid way through the third hour i was moved table. As it does tend to be a major negative i wasn't happy and even less happy to have 3 very big stacks at it.

Anyway, the third hour provided no cards at all, impossible to even get a flop with one of the two big stacks raising every pot. Made one bad call to lose half my stack, was really not paying enough attention and AJs never could have been good in that particular spot, that was made up for by finally flopping a set and having someone bet into me with ace high!

The fourth hour started with 49 players and it was always likely to get us down to close to the money as the blinds were up to 200/400. Didn't play a hand for close 30 mins with exception of a stolen couple of blinds, down to 5k at this stage and average is nearly 11k but still remain in 34th of the 44 left so by no means in the absolute shit. Pick up AK utg and raise it to 1400, (prob too much) but i didn't really want a race and get put all in by a good player, instinct makes me call and although in hindsight i probably shouldn't have called and kept my 4K but i thought i was certainly a race and the pots were laying over 6-4, anyway i call he turns over kings and of course despite the straight draw on the flop i'm gone with no help

As is the way in these satellites with such big things at stake the dissapointment is immense to say the least, even the $650 would have been nice (which i definitely should have had) but i'll keep on cracking and try to qualify in a satellite next week.

On to the $750,000 guarenteed as well as a $50,000 freeroll courtesy of Party Poker, if you wanna get in on that click the link on the right!

Yours in poker!

Big Tourneys this weekend on Poker Stars

I've qualified through a pair of the multiplicity of satellites that Poker Stars run to their big weekend tournaments for two great events today and tomorrow. The first event is today, a $650 buy in Satellite to the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final, the package is worth $16,000, so there should be roughly 1 seat for every 25 entrants, and with 10 minutes to go untill the tourney gets going today there's 160 registered, so i reckon there'll probably be about 8 seats up for grabs.

I've also got into the weeekly $750,000 Guarenteed tournament tomorrow night, with about 4,000 you really need a bit of luck and more importantly for your hands to hold up and to win those coin tosses!

These are exactly the kind of tournies that i want to be playinf in as regularly as possible, high $ entry MTT's which are easily the most exciting and rewarding form of poker i feel

My record in these Satellites is pretty good so keep your fingers crossed that i report back later with good news, of course my main worry would be that i'm still a little bit tender from the few too many beverages last night!

Just starting in 5, wish me luck! len

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Starting up the Blog

Yes, this is it the start of my particularly interesting blog, if it gets more than a dozen hits during its entire life i will indeed be suprised. Anyway, be prepared for a particulary special journey with me as I prepare to document my online poker life, the ups, the downs, the bad beats, the bad calls, the great calls, the great bluffs, the great lay downs, the being down to 10 cent in my account and getting desperate in 10c rebuy turbo tourneys. Well you get the picture, if you're not really that interested in poker, trust me on this one, you probably shouldn't bother reading this then!

Will try to keep it regularly updated with my meandering's through my 11 or so online accounts and the long term goal, to never actually have to work a proper job again in my life!

Carpe Diem NOW!